I LOVE it when a plan comes together!  Mr. “T” had THAT right!  When a ‘plan’ comes together, it’s like being on a diet and finally reaching your goal…the plan comes together…the ‘weight’ is off!  Continue reading

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Mayday is an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal.It is derived from the French venez m’aider, meaning “come help me”.

Mayday is a recognized distress signal!  Continue reading

From Oops to Yum!!!

Ever had a cooking ‘situation’ that turns from oops! to Yum?!!!  I popped one of grandchildren’s favorite treats into the oven and realized about 5 minutes later that I had forgotten a key ingredient!  Continue reading

The Price is Right! Or IS it?

Have you ever watched the TV show “The Price is Right”?!!  The contestants are  shown some items and  prices and then they must ‘guess’  the right price.  Only the contestant who guesses the best…wins…the other contestants lose!  OUCH!  Who likes to lose?!!

Pricing your home should not be a  guessing game because it IS important to be sure that THE PRICE IS RIGHT! Continue reading

Hot Dog!!!

HOT DOG!!!  This dog really looks HOT!!!  But….that’s not the kind of hot dog that I am blogging about!  We recently had a birthday celebration in our office and we had barbecued hot dogs… with this recipe you can serve a large group quickly and easily!  I like those two words!   Continue reading

Groundhog’s Day?!!

What comes to your mind when you hear the words Groundhog Day?  Is it the movie where Bill Murray is having the worst day of his life…over and over and over again?  Or do you think of the furry little groundhog that may or may not see his shadow on February 2 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania?

After being underground all winter, you know the groundhog MUST have cabin fever…that groundhog is just looking for a change of scenery!!!  He doesn’t really care if he sees his shadow or not, he just wants OUT of that hole! Continue reading

You Lucky Dog!

As I was on my way to my office at John Rea Realty the other day, I caught a glimpse of a truck with a picture of a loveable looking dog with long floppy ears, big brown eyes and a happy puppy smile!  But there was a ‘message’ along with those floppy ears and big brown eyes!  The gist of the message was:  if you buy from us, you’ll ALWAYS be a ‘lucky dog’!  Now, who doesn’t want to be a ‘lucky dog’?!!!

The word ‘luck’ is tossed around freely today…bad luck…good luck…rotten luck…luck of the draw…wish me luck…lady luck…beginner’s luck…out of luck…best of luck…pot luck…you lucky dog…well…you get the picture. Continue reading