Welcome Aleta Eley

aleta-template(main) copyJohn Rea Realty is pleased to announce that Aleta Eley has joined the firm’s team of professional Realtors.

Aleta has been in the real estate business for 2 years as a sales person, and 15 years as an appraiser. Her specialty is helping people sell their residential property in Northeast Louisiana.

Aleta moved to Monroe at the age of 4. Her favorite thing about the area is the people. Aleta believes we have a great community and that it’s a fun place to live. Most people would describe Aleta as fiercely loyal and straightforward. When working with Aleta, clients can expect the best service and complete dedication to their needs.

Being a realtor combines Aleta’s two favorite things: real estate and helping people. In her free time you may find her spending time with her family, which includes four children age 10 and under, or training as a competitive tri-athlete. And you can always find her through John Rea.

You can contact Aleta directly at 318-805-1695, at John Rea Realty, 318-388-0941, or by emailing 318realty@gmail.com. Click Here to Visit Aleta’s Website.

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