Market Snapshot

november market snapshot large

Our Market Snapshot for the month of November 2012 shows an increase in average sales price from last year, along with an improved sale price to list price ratio. As of December 4, 2012, there are 711 active residential listings in Ouachita Parish, with an average list price of $189,256. Below gives a breakdown of currently listed residential properties in Ouachita Parish. Remember, list price does not equal sales price!

Bedrooms:            Avg list price:

2 and under               $110,289

3                                 $150,781

4                                 $247,266

5 or more                    $520,099

For a market snapshot tailored to your specific property, email us at or call (318) 388-0941. for real estate in Monroe LA, West Monroe LA, Ouachita Parish and Richland Parish

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