Helping Our Neighbor

We’ve been touched by the story of our neighbor in Delhi Louisiana, Danny Pearson, and wanted to share this in hopes of helping to find a living kidney donor. In 2008, Danny began to suffer greatly as a result of his long-term battle with diabetes. Danny now suffers from Chronic Kidney failure and receives Dialysis treatments three days each week. He is currently on the National Kidney Transplant list and desperately needs a kidney. His Blood Type is O- which is compatible with only O- or O+.
While Pastor Danny has already accomplished a great deal in his life, there is so much more that God has for him to do. Therefore, we need your help! Danny needs a healthy kidney donor to end dialysis and restore his body functions back to normal. For more information or if you would like to be tested to see if you qualify as a donor, please call the Willis-Knighton Transplant Center in Shreveport LA at 318-212-4275. There is no cost to the donor!!

Please click here to visit the Danny Pearson Kidney Search Facebook Page

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