Wait, We Have A Local Vineyard?

This was my exact thought after hearing about it when I moved back to town after living in Maine for a year.  Many things have changed or seemingly come out of nowhere in Monroe during the year I was gone, for instance, Landry Vineyards.

Before I left the Monroe area, I had never heard of the place. Now, everyone seems to be talking about it and asking, “Are you going this weekend?” Their website is full of events for the whole year – and these events are not just for adults!

A few weekends ago, some of my friends mentioned the event and asked if I wanted to go.  I had no idea where it was and I, of course, chose to drive.  A few minutes outside of West Monroe, we drove up to a large opening in the woods.  A giant plot of land, or the vineyards, with live music and many many people enjoying the summer evening.

You could go inside and taste the wines for free, and then purchase some if what you found suited your tastes.  Food was also available, but the real action was everyone laying out on the side of a hill listening to the music and watching people take rides through the vineyard.

It was a pleasant surprise and I highly recommend viewing their website to plan your visit: http://www.landryvineyards.com/

For more events in Monroe and West Monroe, check out our community calendar.

Visit our website for more information on the Northeast Louisiana area, and search homes for sale in Monroe, West Monroe and all of Ouachita Parish.

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