Making an Offer

Before you make an offer on a property, get some expert advice from the Realtors at John Rea Realty. The first thing a buyer should do is consult with a mortgage professional to find out what type of loan they qualify for and how much they can spend. Then you will know what price range you can afford and look at homes that fit your budget. Another plus to being pre-qualified is that it makes any offers to purchase more attractive to the seller. When it’s time to make an offer, your Realtor will take you through the process of writing a legally binding offer and explain the terminology, time lines that must be followed, and other aspects of a real estate purchase agreement. If there are multiple offers on the property you want to purchase, your Realtor will help you submit the most attractive offer possible. If you are considering buying a home in Monroe, West Monroe or surrounding areas of Northeast Louisiana, call the professional Realtors at John Rea Realty. 318-388-0941 or visit

Click here for Realtor Round Table Episode #5 – Buying Your First Home

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