What to Expect From Your Realtor

It may be helpful to understand how a Real Estate Agent, or Realtor, does their job.  The Realtor is an independent contractor working under a Broker.  There are some things in the Realtor’s tool box that are provided by the Broker, but most of what a Realtor does is on their own and at their own expense.  For instance, the Broker may provide a desk or office in the Broker’s building along with some clerical help.  The Broker may also provide copy equipment, Internet access, forms, training, some general advertising, telephone, etc.  But the Realtor is responsible for their own expense in promoting a listing or showing property to a prospective buyer.

The advertising for a specific property is almost always at the Realtors expense.  The Realtor’s vehicle, gas, signs, Realtor association dues, continuing education, insurance, electronic lock box fees, computer, MLS expense, cell phone, and like expenses is the Realtor’s expense.  The Realtor has paid for the initial required education and testing to become a licensed Realtor as well as the follow-up required education.

With that being said, what should you expect from your Realtor and what should the Realtor expect from you?

Expect Loyalty.  

This is a two way street.  The realtor is dedicated to your interest and goals, as well as your rights and integrity.  Expect that every piece of advice and recommendation is made on your behalf.  The flip side of the loyalty is on you, the client, to the Realtor.   If you are the buyer, it is likely the Realtor has invested a great deal of time and money showing you properties.  When you see a house you like and it has another Realtors name on the sign, your realtor should be called to make the showing appointment and follow through with you.

Expect Honesty.  

Expect your Realtor to provide you with the honest truth, even if the news is not good.  In order for you to make informed, correct decisions you need accurate information.  On the other hand, you must tell the truth to your Realtor.  I told my sons, “I cannot deal with a situation that I don’t know about”.  I have also instructed “no surprises”; we deal with the issue in its infancy rather than having to “fix” something that should have been handled in the beginning.  The same is true in a Realtor/Client relationship.

Expect Communication.  

The Realtor/Client relationship is important and open dialogue is necessary to keep the process of buying and selling on track.  You may not like the Realtor’s report and the Realtor may not like your response to bad news, but open dialogue makes the process move positively toward the goal.

Realtors hold themselves to a high standard and a superior Code of Ethics within the industry.  Hold your Realtor to that standard and expect only the highest quality service.  John Rea Realty expects the highest integrity from its Realtors – so should you.

 Al Peterson, Realtor
 Mobile: 318-237-1178
 Email: alpeterson@matrixmbi.com
 Licensed Realtor in Louisiana, USA

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