Notes from Lake Bruin

Welcome back to “Notes From Bruin”. I didn’t write one last year due to the tornado and the Mississippi River threat of flooding. Those two factors last spring made it a tough year for Lake Bruin. Most have recovered and are looking forward to a really great season on the lake. Real estate was hard to sell last year. We weren’t at our best, (not to mention an unstable economy). This year things are really looking up, business has picked up and the phone is ringing a lot. Interest rates are remaining low, buyers realize waterfront property is a good investment and the timing is right. There are those who want to invest and those who want to cash out. How this plays out is always interesting to me. I don’t like to see friends leave but enjoy welcoming new ones.

The Lake Commission voted to lower the lake to replace the flood gates this winter. The gates are in place and due to ample rain, the water is back to pool stage. A seasoned  fisherman told me the water is clean, clear and the vegetation is alive and healthy. The fish are loving it. He tells me the fish are biting (but never where). We really “lucked up” with the timely rains. Last time it took 2 years to refill the lake.  Bruin was due a lucky break!

Have you ever wondered who is in our Lake Bruin neighborhood? Since I’ve been selling real estate I’ve met some of the most interesting people. Most of which have become friends of ours and we see them throughout the year. We have such a diverse group of home owners and they come from all over. We have the King Cake Guru from N. O., a broker from Beverly Hills, Calf.,  National President of the Airline Pilot’s Assoc. , and his Brazilian wife, the Head of Family Practice, L.S.U. Medical School, N.O;  an artist and his gourmet cook wife, entrepreneur and designer from the banks of Bruin. Several  farmers, from near and far, a Radiologist, an Architect from Jackson, a Judge, Bank Presidents, a Landscaper, an Oil Man from Houston, a Physical Trainer, pilots who own their planes and fly in, and a Restaurateur. There are serious business men who are serious fisherman and there are serious fishermen who are no longer serious business men. Not to mention the hunters who have discovered the fertile woods and lakes of Tensas Parish.  This is just to mention a few… However, when people get to Bruin they do their best to leave it all behind. A little sun, fun and relaxation is what the doctor ordered. When you get here you can fly under the radar and no one cares. If who’s in the neighborhood interest you, keep your eyes open. That guy in cut offs and an old hat, buying crickets may have done open heart surgery this week, on someone you’ll never know.

If you want to “step out of the box,” go to the Fish Tale Grill Friday or Saturday night and introduce yourself to someone new. This has become a very good venue to meet people and to see those you know. In addition to meeting someone new, you can get a darn good meal always served with a smile. A win, win!

The Farmer’s Market will start Saturday of Memorial Day weekend so be sure to check it out. There is always good food to buy,  interesting things going on, and it’s a good place to see friends. Also, our spectacular 4th of July fireworks display is something you don’t want to miss.  More and more “lake people” are wanting to be a part of what’s going on at Bruin and ,we locals, love that. We’re seeing you at our churches, playing golf, fishing and just around the lake. So many of you have embraced what we have to offer and I hope it will keep you coming back for a long, long time. It’s always wonderful when summer kicks in, boats are out, kids are laughing and folks are in the “play, relax and have fun mode”. Life’s too short, get out there and make some wonderful memories that your family and friends will cherish. You’ll be glad you did and your kids and friends will talk about those “Bruin Times” for years to come.


 That wraps it up for this year.  If you have any real estate needs, give me a call, I’d love to help, I’m not hard to find, I live in the neighborhood. Have a fabulous summer.

Paula Wilhite, Realtor
Visit my website:
 If you love Lake living, check out this video about Lake D’Arbonne!

2 thoughts on “Notes from Lake Bruin

  1. The lake information was very intresting, and the personal notes of places to eat, and things to do, makes me want to explore the Lake Bruin area. I’m a lake person, so I really enjoyed your page, thanks Loyde…

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