Relocating with Children?

When buying a home in an unfamiliar area, there are several factors that you should take into account.  For families with young children, it can be a challenging task to choose the right Child Care Center.  Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when searching for the best Child Care Center for your family.

  • The Waiting Game – The best places fill up the fastest.  As soon as you narrow in on your top choices for child care, you should contact them to tour their facilities.  Be sure to put yourself on more than one waiting list in case you do not get into your first choice.
  • Tour the Facility – As you tour a facility, make sure that you notice whether the building is in good repair.  Check out the classrooms to be sure they are clean, well-lit and have bright colors.  Be sure to see if the toys are age-appropriate.  For instance, you should never see an air hockey table in the infant room or a baby walker in the Pre-K room.  See if the toys and books are in good condition.
  • Check out the Curriculum – You will need to ask some questions about the curriculum.  Make sure it covers a broad range of developmental areas.  A successful curriculum is one where there is a base resource guide with the incorporation of additional enrichment lessons.  Ask about any extra programs the provider may offer to the children such as sign language or music classes.  Also, remember to ask some background questions about the Director of the center.  You would be the most comfortable with someone who has had extensive training and experience in the child care industry.
  • Watch the Teachers – Look to see whether the teachers are involved with the children’s activities.  They should be captivating the children with a story or an activity and they should be on the child’s level.  You do not want to walk into a classroom and see a teacher reading a newspaper or magazine.  Pay attention to the number of teachers in each classroom.  Every child care center is supposed to follow specific guidelines pertaining to child/staff ratios.
  • Ask Questions – Be sure to ask a lot of questions.  Take a copy of the center’s handbook home with you.  The handbook will tell you about the center’s policies on discipline, illness and other important issues.

Think about all of the things you liked about each facility and make your choice based on the needs of your child.

 Elizabeth Clack, Realtor

(318) 388-0941



Elizabeth is a lifelong resident of Monroe, Louisiana.  She attended and graduated from River Oaks School.  Elizabeth then went on to attain her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Louisiana Tech University and has worked in Monroe for the past 10 years where she has built a successful child care business.  She is married and has two children. Elizabeth’s enthusiastic energy and knowledge of Monroe will serve any prospective client well.

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