The Price is Right! Or IS it?

Have you ever watched the TV show “The Price is Right”?!!  The contestants are  shown some items and  prices and then they must ‘guess’  the right price.  Only the contestant who guesses the best…wins…the other contestants lose!  OUCH!  Who likes to lose?!!

Pricing your home should not be a  guessing game because it IS important to be sure that THE PRICE IS RIGHT!  How can you make that happen?  Well….the first step is to hire a full-time professional realtor to determine the value of your home.  We will do a CMA – comparative market analysis – we will review current market data and generate a report for you showing you the RIGHT PRICE for your home.  

Today’s buyers are savvy!  They want the data that will back up the price of the home.   If your realtor has done her homework on your home, you won’t have to worry about a price that is NOT RIGHT!

The Realtors at John Rea Realty take the guesswork out of listing your home…you will know that THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!

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