For the Love of Laughter

I was in my first production at Strauss Playhouse exactly 40 years ago this September.  I have no idea where the time has gone, but I’ve always found amateur theatre a deeply enjoyable and satisfying experience.  The sounds of laughter and applause are so enjoyable that they are probably illegal somewhere!  I’ve had the privilege of singing and dancing in musicals, acted in dramas and comedies, and enjoyed every minute.

The most recent project I’m involved in is “The Hallelujah Girls” presented by the Prime Time Players.  This hilarious play takes place in the Spa Dee Dah, a former church that’s been transformed into a day spa. The characters are a delightful, feisty group of “mature” ladies who’ve been tested and tried and found to be pretty tough ladies.  A former high school flame of one returns to town to complicate things, and the laughs just continue.

The play is presented in Readers’ Theatre format, meaning the actors carry their scripts, and as they interact with each other they actually include the audience in their sight lines.  Props are at an absolute minimum, and are mostly left to the audience’s imagination.  It’s a bit of a different experience, and one which quickly grows on the theatre-goer.  It’s a technique which has proven popular in our area.

Please come out and join me for some laughs!

Friday, March 23, the Prime Time Players will present “The Hallelujah Girls” at Strauss Playhouse on Lamy Lane in Monroe.  Curtain time is 7 PM.  Admission is $18 for adults.

Mike Riley
Life Member, John Rea Realty Winners’ Circle
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