YMCA Oxford Natatorium at ULM Video

The Oxford Natatorium at ULM has been reopened in partnership with the YMCA. What a great thing for the Monroe – West Monroe community! The facility offers swim lessons, water aerobics classes as well as open swimming times. In this video, Barbara Thomas interviews Frederick Huenefeld about the new partnership. Frederick also talks about the benefits of aquatic therapy and possible renovations to include a state of the art aquatic rehabilitation facility. Check out the newly reopened Natatorium at 100 Warhawk Way on the ULM campus, and take advantage of the low cost membership!

For more great videos about the Northeast Louisiana area, go to http://www.youtube.com/user/johnrearealty

For more information on membership to the YMCA Oxford Natatorium, go to http://www.ynela.org or call the YMCA at 318-387-9622

Video brought to you by John Rea Realty

More Photos of the Natatorium 

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